Legal Fees & Costs

Attorney Fees and Costs

You will find different attorney hourly rates and a range of retainers that

are expected. These vary greatly. In Westchester and surrounding counties 

attorneys charge from $300 per hour to $475. Retainers range from $3500

to $10,000 and higher. Christine's rates reflect her 28 years of

experience and her skill level in litigation and settlement negotiations.

Over the years she has developed a negotiating skill that balances her client's needs with the practicalities of each situation. She is not afraid to advocate for her client, but she is also willing to help her client see beyond emotions to the practicalities of life after the divorce. 

Will My Spouse Have to Pay My Fees?

Spouses for the most part pay their own fees. Courts may direct the higher wage earner to pay the all or a part of the fees to ensure that both parties are able to get the best representation possible. The goal of modern divorce is to avoid one spouse outspending the other for the advantage. 

How Do I Keep Costs Down?

It's up to the client to stay in tune with how much they are accruing in legal fees. Your invoices are sent on a regular basis and your attorney should always be willing to discuss the fees with you.  Your legal expenses will depend upon how complicated your case is, the extent of assets, if child custody is in dispute, and your cooperation in obtaining financial documents and preparing legal papers such as the Net Worth Statement.