When meeting with Christine for the first time, the more information you can provide the better. The more you can provide and help as the client, the more your costs will be kept down. 

  • The Financial Picture of Your Marriage.  Income tax returns, a list of expenses, physical and financial assets, business formation and operating documents, and credit card and bank account statements can be crucial to understanding your marriage’s financial picture.​ Learn Why Tax Returns Are So Important.

  • Custody Matters: If you believe custody of your children will play a role in the divorce, you should think about what makes you a good parent and who is  the parent that is more “in tune” 

with the children both practically and emotionally. Who takes the children for

doctor visits? Who contacts the teachers? Who knows their friends?

Since child support and child custody go hand in hand, record the children’s

expenses that represent their needs now and in the future.

  • Journals. They are helpful! Keep track of spending on the children, spending on

yourself, household expenses, the time you spend with your children and

how your spouse interacts with them. 

  • Digital files. Creating digital copies of your documents helps your case because

items are at your attorney's fingertips when needed. All this helps your case and keeps costs down.

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